At Healthwatch Calderdale we work on a variety of projects. We respond to feedback from the public to help influence the direction of our work as well as participate in national cooperative work with other organisations. This allows Healthwatch to be reactive and flexible when new problems come up in the community.

If there are issues you think we should be working on, or there are any problems with any of the reports below, please contact us on or by phone on 01422 399 433.

Feedback on Overgate Hospice Services Now and in the Future


Overgate Hospice got in touch with Healthwatch Calderdale to ask if we could support them to gather feedback about their services currently and the services they would like to provide in the future. Overgate Hospice felt that working in partnership would help them to reach more people and, as Healthwatch Calderdale is an independent organisation, people would feel comfortable giving us their views.

By Katherine Sharp
Social Care Hospice