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Very hard to get medication reviews.

July 20, 2023
The practice has no interest in helping people. I have had several real problems accessing medication prescribed by hospital consultants which are repeat prescriptions. I am constantly told I need a medication review and that they get a lot of letters. I was told online to contact practice to speak to a GP to access help. Then I was told when I followed that instruction issued by them to call the practice that I could only use the box outside? Over and over to use the box outside. I was repeatedly told that's the only way to acces the medication even though I had received a message on line to speak to the practice. That I couldn't have the medication as they didn't have the letters so no medication. I was told to call 2 hospitals to get the letters resent. They can't get my history correct and say that they are confused yet they receive letters with clear instructions from the hospital consultants. I am constantly told I need a medication review. Yet I never receive one. It creates problems. I have never experienced such a unprofessional doctors practice. The staff at the hospital assure me all the letters have been sent . The practice deny the existence of the letters and say no letter no medication. I have had to use NHS 111 service to access emergency prescriptions before since joining the practice. It's really not acceptable mistakes happen but the rudeness and shocking way the staff deal with it is unacceptable. I have never experienced problems accessing medication before I had the unfortunate situation of ending up at this practice. Terrible . A bad practice to end up at if you need regular medication. I can't believe every letter is missing. I was given a prescription from the hospital to start my medication change and as I know there would be problems due to culture if practice my specialist nurse wrote an additional letter as I was nervous they wouldn't acknowledge the hospital consultants letter. I explained to the consultant weeks ago that the practice will take a very long time to cooperate I said it can take months for them to see a letter and usually if I leave it a few weeks and ask for help the stock response is we get lots of letters we can look for yours. My specialist nurse also wrote a letter confirming new medication. Very rude and aggressive staff. Very defensive . The practice partners are the worse but there are some lovely locum staff who will help all they can. Obviously most of these work remotely from the practice and aren't engrained in the bad culture/ leadership issues involved with this practice.

Prescription issued quickly

March 13, 2023
I called to get a new prescription and it was done really quickly. I was worried about running out as had seen on the news there were delays for my medicine, but everything was fine. No complaints about the speed & I didn't need to be seen this time so no delays for an appointment.

Good care

March 13, 2023
Had a good experience here over the last few weeks, I think speaking to the admin helps get you seen. I was seen the next afternoon & referral was done in a suitable time.
It was empty in the building so I do wonder why it was so quiet when people are complaining they can't get seen.

Online services could be better

February 21, 2023
I signed up for online prescriptions but the process isn't easy and there still seems to be bureaucracy where there shouldn't be with medication I've needed for years.
I know it's the system the NHS tell them to use, but it's not user friendly and could be better.

Make referrals easier

February 21, 2023
They do seem to be good with children, but for adults unwell it feels like we're a nuisance. I have always used over the counter medication first before asking for a GP, so when I do I feel like I should be taken seriously not made to wait so long.
Also, I wish they would refer into Greater Manchester hospitals rather than West Yorkshire. It's easier to travel to Bury or Rochdale than Leeds. I had months of struggling then someone told me about NHS Choice and I was able to make the change & be treated where I wanted to, but it wasn't an easy process.
It would be nice if we had a dentist who could see people on the NHS in the local health centre, we are missing out & there will be big problems in years to come with people's teeth.

Feel forgotten by health services in general

February 21, 2023
I think many people in Todmorden will say the same, there are difficulties accessing health services here. I think the GP surgery do their best, but they do need more staff and as there are a lot of older people living here I think that means there is extra pressure that more staff would help with.
The basic stuff is easy to access such as getting childhood injections, but for things like check-ups for worries, dental care etc it's a struggle.

lovely staff all of them but.......

January 13, 2023
differnt information from phone to reception , all given kindly and confidently . the new doctors have no idea how things work. each goes along a different path .
6 week average wait for planned appointment .
the doctors say things like pop back or drop me a line , its impossible .
another favorite is :we are going to get to the bottom of this " and then silence .
letters go unread , i know its a struggle but the surgery needs help .

Why no minus stars?

November 24, 2022
Rude rude rude

Waiting on 6 week check up after birth

August 29, 2022
We are still waiting on my wife and son being seen for the 6 week check up and his first jabs.
We’ve not even been given an appointment yet and he is 10 weeks old tomorrow, every time my wife has asked we’ve been told that there isn’t anybody who can see them as one member of staff has retired and another is on holiday! How completely absurd is that when you’ve got new babies waiting for jabs and new mums waiting on check ups!
Considering we have a relative who has had a baby aswell but lives in a different area to us and they have had their appointment just a week late, means it isn’t the NHS that is behind as such but specifically Todmorden practice.
Needs a complete management overhaul to put people in charge who actually care and not just about getting paid.
Keane Helliwell

Cannot get an appointment

August 6, 2022
Something has gone wrong with this practice. It is difficult to talk to anyone let alone get an appointment. On line there are no GP slots available. There is just one session available (4 telephone appointments) with a practice nurse five weeks ahead.
The practice relies on telephoning on the day to get seen, which would be okay if you could get through. The holding system has a tendency to cut you off and kick you out of the queue.
There are so many things that need addressing. I get the feeling that staff are feeling overwhelmed and on the sharp end of people's ire. It feels like a siege mentality for them. Someone/somebody needs to cut through all of this and get a grip of the practice.
I feel sorry for the staff, sorry for the people of Todmorden being so poorly served. If the practice were a school I think it would be closed down and the students relocated. I currently feel I would like to move as I have had much better experience in two other practices in the last ten years.