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Todmorden Health Centre
Lower George Street
West Yorkshire
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Reviews (23)

The phone is always engaged

June 27, 2022
When you try to get an appointment with the GP you can't get in, the phone is engaged all the time.
It is a good practice but there is only one doctor.
Marian Bellshaw

Can't get appointment

May 3, 2022
Been trying for 7 days to get appointment following recent major knee surgery but can't get through
Darren Connor

Extremely hard to get an appointment.

March 31, 2022
After eventually getting through to the doctor the line is often cut of. Alternatively it's extremely challenging to get an appointment. Don't know why we still have to be let in the building as you can walk into a dentist or private physio.

Unable to see or speak to a doctor,

March 29, 2022
I realise the National Health Centre is under of lot of pressure but I am sure you also understand the frustration I and many others are feeling at the inability to speak to a health professional.
On Saturday evening I was very ill, i vomited every 40 mins for well over 14 hours. i phoned 111 and they wanted me to go to hospital but could only send a taxi. I was too ill to contemplate this. There were no ambulances available so they sent an ambulance responder. he suggested that I speak to my GP on Monday. I phoned yesterday and was fortunate to receive a call back from a nurse practitioner. She said that If I had not improved then I would need a face to face appointment and that she would send a prescription for the sickness. i did not receive a prescription. I phoned today as I am still in pain. I was told there was no prescription for me and that a face to face was not requested on my notes. As always, I was told to ring again tomorrow.
What do you advise? I honestly do not know how to see a GP. This is not the first time I have had these symptoms, it is the third.
Joyce Neill

Cannot get past reception to get appointment

March 29, 2022
Unable to get any appointments especially for children, ignore emails, calls. Serious lack of duty of care.
Cannot comment on cleanliness, as the place is still unopen to public after 2 years.

Not enough appointments available

March 23, 2022
Extremely time consuming to even get through to someone on the phone and if you do get through generally no appointments. The situation is getting worse and worse, always blamed on covid but other surgeries are functioning properly again, why isn’t this one?


March 23, 2022
Can never ever get through on phone the most awful music when on hold. No doctor ever available, what on earth is it even there for?
Libby keane

Cannot get appointment

March 23, 2022
Can never get through as stuck in queue then cut off after 10 minutes. When you do get through no appointments. Never any drs available and no face to face. NHS app still doesn't work and don't answer emails

Never any appointments

March 23, 2022
Never any appointments when you ring at given time and if you can get through. Took me 2 days recently and then only a telephone appointment. When you do finally get to attend, the nursing staff are lovely.

Poor resources & management

March 22, 2022
Not enough medical practitioners or appointments. Appointment system not fit for purpose. Telephone system not fit for purpose. Online booking system not fit for purpose. Poor signposting to allow appointments to be used more appropriately.
The triage, appointment system and management of communications are dangerous.