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Uncertainty = high distress for ND people

April 14, 2024
Need to see same GP due to communication issues with autism and on regular meds. Was sorted (great GP), but cannot get appointments in time for med reviews. Left me with unhelpful advice from different GP’s and in worse position. Also wish to say Annie on phone was brilliant however after weeks of problems - simply tasked GP with calling me. Easy solution after a lot of distress - 5 stars to her!

I have found it difficult to get appointment

January 8, 2024
I have a history of skin cancer and have recently developed a worrying symptom. I used the practice's new Patchs website to try to access an appointment. The website asks a range of questions, which I answered fully. I then received a message saying there were no appointments available today and I should call the surgery. Nowhere on Patchs does it make it clear that appointment requests are for the current day.
I tried again, explaining my worries and that I didn't need an immediate appointment, but got exactly the same reply, which leads me to think that no-one is reading the requests in full, but simply pressing a button when they see 'appointment request'.
I then telephoned and, after being cut off after several minutes, managed to speak to a receptionist who told me I should call again at 8am the following morning as there were no appointments available. I said I was happy to take an appointment in the near future but was informed that they didn't make advance appointments.
I have fallen victim to this Orwellian system once before and it took me several goes to get something as simple as a medication review.
I have given feedback on the Patchs system, which I believe is poorly worded and not particularly user-friendly.

Tried and failed to use PATCHS for appt.

November 28, 2023
After a visit to the emergency GP on the weekend, I was told to see my GP for investigative follow up. I filled in the lengthy PATCHS form in detail, including the question asking when I was busy (for an hour at midday and free for the week). Nowhere did it indicate this form was ONLY for a same day appointment. They declined my request because I was busy and told me to resubmit when I was available. I filled in the form again briefly (there was no copy/paste function or resubmit button), explaining I was free that day. Another person responded that, ‘as I had been told’, there were no free appointments. Resubmit or call 111 (as I had done on the weekend!). I had not been told that and now I have gone full circle! Still without an appointment for a health problem urgent enough for 111 to send me to A&E.

Prompt response to medication request

November 3, 2023
Having tried Patches without success, I left a comment / request on the medication request page. I then received a telephone call the same day arranging a telephone review. The review itself was thorough and very helpful. When the system works, it works well. But getting through that first hurdle of contacting the surgery is very frustrating.

Long phone queues & unavailable PATCHES

October 30, 2023
On the rare occasion I've managed to see a nurse or GP, the service has been good. However, trying to get through on the phone, or attempting to use the online services or Patches, is hopeless. Patches is usually full to capacity for that day, even when used early in the morning. All I want is a rpt medication review for long term osteoporosis!

Barriers to face to face appointment

October 5, 2023
Patients rights to see a doctor face to face , in the right place, at a mutually agreed time, are being ignored with the proactive act of conducting telephone triage, with no timeliness, leaving elderly patients getting anxious whilst waiting at home for hours for the phone call from someone. This is a depersonalised service and does not put the patient at the centre of care. It build in delays for elderly patients to access GP care and advise. This leads to increased frustration by patients, contributing to increase in conflicts and verbal abuse. Also leads to increased use of Accident and Emergency due to patient loss of confidence to access GP practice.

Siddal Surgery - Receptionist was so kind

September 15, 2023
After speaking to a receptionist who was rude and unhelpful, I called back and spoke to Annie. How she spoke to me was lovely, she listened to everything I said and gave me some advice. I just want her to know how much I appreciated this.

Care was excellent and like a life line.

June 13, 2023
After experiencing a trauma I was looked after by Dr Hugh for 12 months. She provided me with excellent care and went above and beyond to look after my wellbeing. She reviewed my medication every 4 weeks and gave me a call every 2 weeks to check on me. She provided me with a listening ear and kept encouraging me and urging me to make improvements, she really was a life line for me at a really dark time.
She also referred me to the the social prescriber who also provided me with excellent support.
Together they got me back on my feet and able to work again.

Manner in which staff member gave a diagnosis

April 6, 2023
Waiting on phone for 1hr 15mins then cut off.
Went to surgery to book appointment, a patient walked out didn’t want to wait for her appointment but receptionist would not give my husband the appointment me to although he was there, complete waste of NHS resources.
Told to go home and take a photo of infection on his leg and some one would contact him within forty eight hours, no-one did so another journey to surgery . Their system had been down and photo had not been received, they tried to send the photo and did not know how to work the system.
A medical person of some kind, not a doctor rang as the photo more by good luck rather than good management had actually uploaded onto their system, he told my husband that he would consult with his colleague, presumably a doctor and ring back.
When he rang back with his diagnosis his manner left much to be desired, his delivery of diagnosis was, ( well it could be cancer or worse). Not a good delivery when you think you have another flare up of dermatitis.
Not impressed by the appointment system being used, it seems that an appointment must cost more by having staff doing triage then speaking to a doctor who tells them to call back the patient with the diagnosis .

Can’t get through to receptionist.

December 8, 2022
Waiting for return call from doctor, not knowing what time they will ring.
Need wax removed from my ears, can’t even get on the waiting list. Told to go private.