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Appointment confusion

September 20, 2023
I have had issues with this practice for many years. You cannot get face to face appointments at all. I recently turned up to a face to face appointment that after a telephone appointment with a GP and the receptionist was clearly over whelmed. She told me I wasn't booked in even though I had a text message to say this. She didn't accommodate me as I had taken time off work etc. It was the GP who had made the appointment for me in the first place.

Dreadful practice Poor service

August 12, 2023
I requested a medication review it took 2 months to actually get it. My medication was altered and I was assured it would be available on repeat, it if course wasn't.
There's no complaints procedure and reception told me to complain by letter and I pointed out the complaints procedure is either that or ask to speak to a manager and I had no faith in any letter even being acknowledged I demanded to speak to a manager, did try to sort my issue out but next month the same issue, she also told me if I didn't like the service I should find another GP.
I went back to reception having had a message medication was ready, but it was wrong again and reception was rude and condescending so whilst remaining polite and without swearing to voice my concerns. I received a letter about my threatening behaviour and threatened with being kicked out of the practice.
Long and short of it I have had altered medication for 3 months and have never actually had it and now getting my old medication is a monthly battle and apparently I'm the one in the wrong, not the incompetence or the staff or the lack of a complaints procedure. I have raised 4 official complaints and had to speak to a manager on 2 occasions and my medication is still wrong. I have no idea how this practice got a 'good' so I thought I would ensure people know the truth about the poor level of service.

Total lack of understanding and poor or no communication

May 27, 2023
Told my elderly aunt to ring back if getting any worse rather than prescribing the medicine needed there and then.when worsening found it impossible to get through to surgery and had to eventually give up and ring 111.not the first time this has happened

70yr old Husband never offered a PSA test

August 4, 2022
Husband went for yearly blood pressure check up, temporary nurse wondered why he had not had a PSA test (a blood test to help detect prostate cancer) and referred him for one.
GP rang husband and asked if there was a reason why he was being sent for a Test!
Thank god for this nurse, Husband now recovering from prostate cancer. Husband had a problem after op, GP wouldn't do home visit although catheter fitted and not allowed to drive, GP at the surgery asked what the operation was for and then asked why he had a catheter fitted. Do they not read notes anymore?

Poor working practices

August 1, 2022
If a patient reports symptoms a and b the GP may request a blood/urine/stool or other test to see if the diagnosis could be x. If the test comes back negative the practice invariably notes 'no further action required'

They do not advise the patient of the result and the patient, still with symptoms a and b, has to contact the surgery to go through the whole process of booking another appointment, often in a few weeks time, and starting again with another doctor.

An absurd and avoidable procedure that could be avoided if the referring GP noted that a negative test required a follow up appointment.

Supported me and carer

June 27, 2022
I had a medical but do not like blood tests or blood pressure so they were very calm & supported me. I have a learning disability and my sister came with me, they were nice to her.

Absolutely disgusting service.

August 23, 2021
Can never get an appointment. Staff are unbelievably rude on the phone talking down to people. Diagnosed me with stomach acid then 2 days later I’m at hospital with a Blood clot in my lungs that they didn’t spot. Awaiting treatment for ulcers for past week no care given by them

Absolutely disgusting service.

August 16, 2021
Can never get an appointment. Staff are unbelievably rude on the phone talking down to people. Diagnosed me with stomach acid then 2 days later I’m at hospital with a Blood clot in my lungs that they didn’t spot. Awaiting treatment for ulcers for past week no care given by them

Nobody always gets it right first time.

February 6, 2021
Early in 2020 lock down I was misdiagnosed with Sciatica and thus given the wrong exercises to do. When they didn't wok I researched the NHS web site, and others, and found that I had Piriformis Syndrome and I switched exercise regime and that worked. The doctor failed to ask if I had back pain, which I didn't, and so could probably not had sciatica.
I contacted the surgery recently with a problem and within an hour a Nurse Practitioner phoned me and called me in for a check. She referred me to a doctor, who called back very shortly. She saw me the next day and after researching my notes prescribed medicine. When things deteriorated I phoned in and the doctor called me back for a check and modified the medicine dose with further instructions. Great service all round.
I used the online email service on a Sunday and got a text the next day with an appointment with the Practice Physio. The snow came and initially the appointment was postponed, but she called from home and we had a great telephone call, where she made sue that I understood the instructions for exercises. Again, great service.
Nobody always gets it right first time and the online email system seems to work well.
These are difficult and challenging times and the surgery, overall, seems to have adapted well. It would be interesting to see figures for the doctor's work rate when they are working via phone instead of face to face.
Chris Freeman

Patients are not listened to

September 26, 2019
When you can finally get an appointment , you are never listened to. And are treated like you are a moran. And if you try to get a appointment with a doctor you are fobbed off with one to a nurse practitioner. They try to change your medication without people’s knowledge has well.