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Labour and post natal care

April 12, 2021
I attended labour ward for a possible induced labour and stayed on the maternity ward following birth as my baby needed jaundice treatment. Overall the staff were very good, however I felt that at times different advice was given which was very confusing. Also being in a four bed room following the birth of a baby causes unnecessary upset. I would have much preferred my own room where I could have had proper rest in between feeds rather than being disturbed by people coming and going throughout the night. I also felt that communication could have been better, which would have reduced my stress and anxiety at having to stay in hospital.

Better system than at hri

April 21, 2020
Not dotted about like at hri...and nicer premises at crh

attention to diagnosis

December 1, 2018
sick of being fobbed off by diffrent doctors some saying ive unstable angina my trop gone from normal to 6 had angiagram and had 4 electric heart beat pains told it was a allergic reaction to contrast dye( rubbish ) this doesent happen. now there saying nothing is rong with my heart but still getting angina pain breathless ow also have 3 leaky heart valves ow the cardiology consultant canceled my appointment on the day pathetic

Out patient experience

August 13, 2018
Talked to me and explained very well about my medical condition - using easy to understand language. They took good care of me and looked after me. The only negative for me was the car parking charges.

Always excellent care, atrocious waiting time

November 11, 2017
90 minutes wait for a 5 minute outpatient appointment. All staff exemplary given the stress they were under with folk moaning at them about the waiting time. What’s going on?!!

Outpatients Gynaecology

September 4, 2016
Outpatients Gynaecology - excellent care

Nurses helpful, very nice staff

August 16, 2016
The staff were really nice and very helpful
Ryan Noland

Time to talk and listen

August 9, 2016
I was probably put in the wrong location but short of beds, other patients very disturbed.
Staff & nurses at Hudds Royal and Calderdale Royal very good, time to talk and listen.
Physio after ok to walk very supportive.
Dennis Hartley

Quick diagnosis - Childrens Ward

August 9, 2016
Diagnosed baby's illness really quickly, always good

Happy with service but long waiting time for scan results

July 27, 2016
I am happy with my care at Calderdale Royal Hospital but the hospital has been slow with MRI scan results.