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Cardiology experience

April 15, 2024
I had an incident back in Sept 2023, where I was advised to go to A&E, and the results of the tests showed raised troponin levels and an abnormality on ECG. After further tests, I was discharged the following day and the consultant said I needed to to see a cardiologist for an echocardiogram.

I waited for an appointed for several months while I was in agony with chest pain, which was radiating to neck, jaw and shoulder and left arm for all that time. I went to A&E a couple of times due to chest pains and also ended up going to see my GP.

I eventually saw a cardiologist and then had an echocardiogram on 4th Jan 2024 and did not receive the results until I checked my online records, only to find a letter on 4 March 2024, two months later!!!!!!!! but the cardiologist did not even contact me to explain the results considering the results were very concerning.

I am not a medically trained person and was very astonished that the cardiologist did not have the courtesy to call me and explain the results (results that were of great concern) and way forward.

I rang the secretary and raised my concerns with her. She said she would get the consultant to call me - but he never called. I had to wait a few more weeks to receive a letter from him with an appt for cardiac MRI scan.
Very appalling treatment of patients.

I am in constant chest pain, which is getting worse and I am getting very concerned that I am having to chase my results etc. It is very concerning and worrying.

Reply from Calderdale Royal Hospital

I am very sorry to hear that this has been your experience, and appreciate that this has led to both your frustration and concern and added to your worries arising from your health concerns.
I do hope that your chest pain has now eased, and you are being supported with your health needs.
I will share your feedback with the cardiology team as we are very keen to identify improvements in partnership with people who use the hospital services. We are unable to identify your particular case with the details we have through this platform, so if you are well enough and would like to share more detailed feedback or suggestions this would be very much appreciated. You can do this by contacting the PALS team (01484 343800) who will be happy to connect you with a member of our Patient Experience Team. In the meantime we will use the feedback you have shared to highlight areas we need to focus upon. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your feedback, particularly when you are have been unwell.

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Referral confusing but ok when seen

August 15, 2023
I was referred to CRH by my GP and everything was done well prior to the referral, but the actual communication from the hospital was confusing. A letter conflicted a text message I was sent about an appointment time and I phoned and was passed around a lot before I got to speak to someone who can help.
On the day it was fine, but knowing who I am seeing and where was a little confusing.

Good care, disgusting food

West Yorkshire
July 23, 2023
The food everyday was awful, plate of slop with no taste, ended up eating sandwiches for 2 weeks

The lovely staff are efficient and caring .

July 11, 2023
The staff are always busy but always kind . They make a difference to my life !
I have had a St.Jude’s mitral valve since having a severely leaking mitral valve in 2020 and nearly died . I had emergency open heart surgery at LGI.
Life changing surgery .
I got out of hospital just before my youngest son ‘s 18th. Birthday .
I still have stress symptoms when I attend Calderdale Hospital , I had been in hospital(s) for 5 weeks ( no visitors during covid times ) .
It was a surreal time . I am an ex. nurse .
I attend to have my INR level checked because I am now on warfarin for life.
I am still adjusting to my altered life but the lovely staff are consistent and are a part of my new life . I don ‘t think they know how much a part of people ‘s life they are and how much of a difference they make .
I appreciate them all !

Had an operation

June 28, 2023
I needed an operation on my leg. I have a learning disability so my mum arranged everything but I understood I needed to have an operation. Everyone was really lovely to me and were good at helping me after.

Asked to be seen someone else

June 28, 2023
I asked to be referred out of here to Leeds for my eye treatment because I felt they didn't understand my autism and respect I needed my appointment to be different.


West Yorkshire
June 6, 2023
My elderly relative was admitted on 30th May with pneumonia. Her given name is E. She is 92 and confused. Every day I explained to the wards that her chosen name is B - she was in 7 days. Not until day 5 did they start calling her B. No wonder she was awkward. They further said that she wasn’t fit to go home as she was very agitated and unsafe when walking. I know - because I know her - that she was no more unsafe than when at home and she was agitated because people were pushing her to do things she didn’t want to do. Eventually I persuaded someone that she would be better off at home and so she was discharged on 6 June. Someone rang me to say she was leaving the ward at 16.36. My husband went at 1615 - as this is the time we were told - to meet the ambulance and help them into the building. At 1806 she hadn’t arrived - a 5 minute journey. When I called the ward at 1806 I was told that she had refused to get into the ambulance. Now even I know, and I’m not a nurse nor used to dealing with patients like B, that she would be frightened they were taking her somewhere other than home. It would have been right for the ward to ring me, I could have gone and travelled with her in the ambulance. They did nothing but abandon their duty of care to the patient so I said we would collect her and take her home. Why didn’t they ring me? When I arrived I was told that she had threatened one person and been awkward. All this in her hearing. First of all it’s their job to deal with that - isn’t it - and secondly what good did it do telling me and in front of B. There is such a lot wrong with how B was treated and I cannot imagine that many, frail, disorientated patients don’t behave like her. Perhaps some awareness training needs adding. I am very frustrated. The reason fir this isn’t just to complain but for you to consider if additional training should be given. Tones and voices, smiles, correct names - all help.

No appointment when I turned up

March 27, 2023
I received a letter for an appointment at Outpatients about 6 weeks before the appointment date.
On the day I turned up and there was no record of an appointment. No referral had been made and I was told to contact PACS to find it out. I have telephoned PACS but no answer and have not yet had a response to an email.
I've gone back to my GP to ask for another referral - let's see which comes quicker! What a waste of everyone's time.


Accident and emergency services
March 19, 2023
Went to A&E with my brother who had fallen and was treated very well by everyone, especially the female ambulance drivers who helped us in to the building. Two particular nurses were exceptional on the night shift and the male nurse or doctor organised the brain scan very quickly. Thank you very much

Nursing staff care stood out

Accident and emergency services
January 10, 2023
I had to go to A&E before Christmas. I had called 111 as my GP was shut and they referred me to A&E after a long chat on the phone.
I saw a nurse at A&E and she was lovely and sent me for a scan. The next day I had to go into surgery.
I was a bit upset at the time and it was the nursing staff who stood out as doing the 'care'. I cannot recall any of the doctors other than at discharge, I'm sure they did the surgery but due to my state there didn't seem to be discussions with them, the nurses told me everything.
I could have 1 visitor but he wasn't allowed to stay for long so I did feel very alone at an upsetting time.