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They said my son didn’t have ASD/ADHD

January 17, 2024
Just had an ASD & ADHD diagnosis from Oakdale.
CAMHS told me he had neither. He was referred to them 8 years ago.
Due to them not listening to me and plenty of hard works and advocacy for my son, he now has the answers he deserves.
I could write a book on our dreadful experiences with CAMHS and will be putting in a

Woefully inadequate.

August 7, 2023
Professionals lacking in expertise and experience to diagnose.

Child's doctor doesn't reply to calls

August 24, 2022
I am forever calling to speak to my child's cahms doctor and they never call back. It gets to crisis point and cahms show no decency to help in support as they never call me back.

Quick and helpful service

August 4, 2022
My son was seen to very quickly by the crisis team. They came to our house every week to speak with him which was very helpful. They offered a lot of support to him and reassurance to me and made a big difference to his mental health. He has now been discharged and in a much better place thanks to the team.

False information on wait times

March 24, 2022
My son waited 4 years for an assessment. He now has a diagnosis and I was advised 12 weeks before he could see a psychiatrist for medication. I have now been Informed its not 12 weeks its over 10 months. This is not acceptable. I have a child who is struggling with everyday life and to be told 12 weeks and then over 10 months is disgusting. I will be putting in a formal complaint.
Sian M

Incorrect notes submitted

October 15, 2021
Not happy with incorrect notes and the attitude of one member of staff.

Appalling and amounts to no duty of care fro

June 21, 2021
Newly moved into the area and have a child under CAMHS

I have contacted the GP (several times and in writing) who hasn’t responded

I have contacted CAMHS by phone and left a message but heard nothing

I have emailed CAMHS - two different contacts from their website and one email (the one they advertised as a contact) came back saying the person doesn’t exist and I have tried several times.

The other email appears to have reached them but I’ve had no response

It is absolutely and utterly appalling - I have a child with multiple diagnosis and complex needs and who is medicated and I have no one to contact and when I do (and short of a complaint, which will be my next step) I have heard nothing.


March 29, 2021
Inconsistent advice, discharged without support 3 times before showing any willingness to help. Insisted a child with selective mutism participate in talking therapies, wouldn't adapt therapies to meet child's needs. After 3 years finally agreed to try medication, failed to do any medication reviews and then said GP should prescribe moving forwards. GP said only CAMHS can prescribe to under 18's. Left without medication for several days.

Not selecting the appropriate person to work

November 27, 2019
We have been referred to CAMHS a few times over the years. My son has complex issues. Issues I identified myself well over 12 years ago, these issues were finally accepted by a worker 2 years ago. He has being awaiting an ASD assessment/screening since then. He has been assigned 3 members of staff over the years (2 were trainees and 1 was newly qualified) and has also been seen by a psychiatrist. I believe the non engagement he now has regarding professionals, is down to the fact that he needs someone who is well experienced to deal with all that is going on for my son.
Rachel Trewartha

Child psychiatrists abysmal service.

November 27, 2019
My child has been under CAMHS for 3 years due to complex mental health issues based upon being ASD and having gender dysphoria. Psychaitrist have zero understanding of how my child feels and treat his dysphoria as a ' choice'. Clear lack of training and knowledge. They are dismissive of his feelings, have little understanding of the severity of his depression and anxiety and constantly belittle his views and brush over his emotions. They are resistant to prescribing effective dosage of antidepressants regardless of my research showing increased dosages are acceptable under NHS protocol and clearly prescribe the lowest dose possible to 'fob us off' . My child struggles to leave the house and hasnt attended school for 3 years. 'Talk therapy' has proved to be relatively ineffective and isnt recommended for gender dysphoria anyway. I feel our views are dismissed and a minimal service is provided to tick a box.