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Always having to contact them for updates etc

May 31, 2017
Too long of a wait between appointments.
Little information given on where we are in terms of what to expect or do in the meantime.
Feeling lost on a difficult journey.

The waiting game

May 31, 2017
Referred by GP in July 2016. Escalated to tier 3 in October 2016 and it is June 2017 tomorrow. That's nearly a year so far without seeing anyone from CAMHS at all. Disgusting treatment of a four/five year old. Early intervention is key. This needs sorting for Calderdale. Oh and Tier 3 have no email address either which makes communication tricky with a highly strung child.
I am sure the staff are very good when you finally get to see them. More investment needed.

awful.long help ) :

May 31, 2017
My children both display very obvious signs of ASD but they dont fit the tick box criteria set out by CAMHS so we received no help after a very long wait to see CAMHS.We are back to square one with no help and same issues ) :

there are no other options needs a no option

May 31, 2017
Waiting times too long for ASD diagnosis, after therapy not good enough and CAMHS should be trained in spotting ASD but despite several years therapy there they missed it !!!

Long Waiting times

May 31, 2017
Long waiting lists and notes not shared effectively between tier 2 and tier 3