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This dental practice opened in October 2019 and saw 3 surgeries amalgamated into one at Broad Street, Halifax.


01422 416722

Unit 6a
Broad Street Plaza
Broad Street
West Yorkshire


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Left needing 6 fillings for several months.

January 8, 2024
Had no issues with my teeth before my original dentist moved to My Dentist. Now been left 7 months after being told I needed 2 fillings (phoned several times, told to wait for a call. No one called) Found out today it wasn't 2 fillings, I needed 6. Wish I could find another Dentist because the treatment provided for my child isn't good either.

Seven injections!

December 4, 2023
Seven injections, 3 molar extractions, 2 of which he had to leave the roots in as he couldn't get them out, plus 2 fillings all at the same time. I just went for a normal check-up that turned into my gums being butchered. I do have check-ups every 6 months so please don't judge me. I've had many teeth removed over the past 3 years or so, I can't chew food, only with my front teeth. I saw a different dentist, again, and told him I needed some teeth putting back so I could smile and talk to people. He removed a previous bodged up job, where the dentist only removed the top of a tooth. I could go on and on but will stop very shortly. After my treatment I was left traumatised and trembling. My husband was with me, thank goodness, because I couldn't have driven myself home. I was ill for 3 days after, my body was in shock.
Now, nearly 3 weeks on, my gum hasn't healed, I think it should have been stitched as I can feel the bone and it keeps bleeding. No, I would not recommend this dentist!

Unsatisfactory Dental Experience

November 25, 2023
I would like to share my experiences with a dental clinic that unfortunately left much to be desired. Approximately 10 months ago, I visited this facility due to pain in my teeth and jaw on the right side. Despite paying a fee of £89, I did not receive a specific diagnosis or treatment, which was surprising and extremely disappointing.

The pain persisted, leading me to schedule another appointment, once again paying £89. Unfortunately, this visit also did not yield results in terms of diagnosis or treatment. Additionally, I did not receive a referral for further diagnostics, further intensifying my disappointment.

In the meantime, an appointment for my daughter was canceled. It appears that this was not a random occurrence, especially considering my previous attempts to confront the doctor who left me without treatment and diagnosis.

Faced with the ineffectiveness of the treatment at this clinic, I opted for a consultation elsewhere. There, a significant inflammatory condition in my oral cavity, previously ignored, was discovered. Furthermore, the cause of my pain turned out to be wisdom teeth, something that could have been easily diagnosed earlier.

Attempts to address the issue with the doctor from the Dental Clinic were met with a refusal to engage in a conversation. There were also no attempts to rectify the situation or refund the costs for ineffective "treatment."

For these reasons, I cannot recommend this clinic. The experience was not only financially burdensome but also highly frustrating and unprofessional.

There should be 0 star option as well

September 11, 2023
Turn up with kids (2 year & 5 year)for appointments to hear its been cancelled or receive call hours before appointments to choose either change time(mean kids missing out school) if not they will cancel your appointment.
This is usual at this HALIFAX MYDENTIS
Multiple cancellation so decided to leave them feedback

Always a good experience, can't fault

July 26, 2023
Overall i received excellent dental care. From the moment i entered the waiting area the atmosphere was pleasant and calming. The team of staff know how to treat customers and are always ready to help.
Rebecca G

One dentist is excellent

July 23, 2023
Having had a truly terrible experience at another practice I saw Mr Goodman and cannot speak highly enough of his compassionate and professional care. He and the dental nurse were both patient and caring while I worked through my anxiety and performed the procedure with the upmost consideration for making my experience as good as it could be. I know the practice as a whole may have it's issues but it's important to acknowledge the excellent care that can be provided here.

Unable to contact the practice via telephone.

November 21, 2022
I have just spent 1hr 15mins on the phone in a queue - I was caller No6 when I joined. I was No1 in the queue for 30 of those minutes. I had to opt to leave a voicemail, let's see if I get a reply? Last 2 times I have left a voicemail I have got no reply.
The practice was great before it moved to the Plaza - which is a shame. The service since then is diabolical. I've managed a large helpdesk that took 1000's of calls and I can't understand why their telephone queues are so long. They never used to be.
But stuck with the dentist as no dentists are taking on NHS patience. I did complain via email in August but that has not helped.
The care provided is good - it's just getting to speak to them to get an appointment.

Very unhappy with the dental service received

November 21, 2022
Appointment was 30 minutes late. Spent a total of 3 minutes with the dentist. I had an x-ray and examination of my teeth which consisted of 5 prods on my teeth. I explained i had a pain but was just ignored. He spent more time listening to the radio than me.
I am still in pain and not happy with the treatment i received.

Multiple cancellations

August 12, 2022
My wife and I are both registered as NHS patients here and have both had multiple appointments cancelled, some as close to an hour before the appointment is due.
Although we are happy with the quality of the treatment we feel really let down by the service and organisation of the practice.
I had an issue with my tooth and rang for an appointment back in June I was given a tirage appointment for July and was told I would need to come back for treatment but there were not any appointments available until August - which was cancelled on the day and has been rescheduled for the end of September. So I will have been left with a broken tooth for 4 months which I find unacceptable. My wife has also had her appointment cancelled this week and this was the 2nd time this appointment had been booked - the first one was cancelled!

Removed from list unfairly

August 4, 2022
I missed one appointment as my son had COVID and it completely slipped my mind to call them and reschedule. When I did call them to rebook a couple of weeks later i was told I had been removed from their list. After one missed session and with no warning find this very unfair.