Calderdale, Greater Huddersfield and North Kirklees Posture & Mobility Service (Ross Care)

Posture and mobility services for Calderdale, Greater Huddersfield and North Kirklees until October 2019. Since then Ross Care has provided the service.


Posture & Mobility Services Unit G7,
Navigation Close, Lowfields Business Park,
West Yorkshire,


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Reviews (28)

It's not Opcare anymore its Ross Care .

January 31, 2020
Ross Care never return calls ,don't confirm appointments. No matter what you threaten them with they simply ignore you . Where is the CCG management. Who owns responsibility. Started process for new wheelchair in 2018 for my daughter now 2020 .
Bob Matthews

Wheelchair waiting time

June 5, 2019
My 5 year old child was assessed at the beginning of February 2019, for a none adapted wheelchair, after several telephone calls to Opcare, reception, I get the same response, the wheelchair is still showing on their system in the order process. It is now June, how much longer does my child have to wait for the wheelchair .

Waiting time for assesment

November 29, 2018
Just got an appointment come through today for an assessment for a manual chair. Waiting until January is unacceptable, when you are prone to infections. This is just not acceptable

Waiting on power hair and new back for curren

April 4, 2018
I was seen in clinic last November 2017 and was told my son would need to be seen in another clinic for new back for current chair we are now in April and still no nearer to an appointment, also he needs a power chair has pushing him is proving a problem for me his mum to push him.


March 21, 2018
Made my first call to get daughters new wheelchair in Dec 2016 when she was getting too big for her current chair and back end of March 2018 and still waiting for “parts” apparently!! To say her chair is small is an understatement, this is a disgusting service. Would not have even given it 1 star but wouldn’t let me put zero!

wheelchair replacement

March 7, 2018
my son was measured for a wheelchair in october 2017, it is now march 2018 and still not rceived it, apparentley still waiting for parts, this is disgusting, he has outgrown the other a long time ago after telling me they received no emails for a review.
janice bell

Beets the old NHS service

November 30, 2017
Very helpful ther under alot of preesure yes they have waighting list but these are caused by the NHS not signing off the prescriptions for new chairs, its not there fault there is a waighting list once you have been to be assesed for a chair the prescription goes to the NHS to be signed off its not opcares fault there doing what there contracted to do by the CCG
What we do need from the CCG is Wheelchair training as done in other areas this is not in opcares contract they provide you with a chair and thats it were left to figuare this all out and we carn't so were left stuck inside this is were depression sets in were lucky opcare is there if it was left to the NHS we would have nothing


October 30, 2017
Been waiting for a replacement wheelchair for 4/5 months

Ruined Holidays

June 28, 2017
Useless, been "repairing" our chair for the past two years and it still isnt working. Another holiday cut short

Poor service, v.little knowledge of needs.

March 30, 2017
Initially some great staff but they left and still bodged things rather than doing a full assessment. Assumed my disability was not as bad because they never actually asked and took my medical conditions never mind assessed me. Seem very concerned with funding meaning not offering the right equipment affecting my ability to work and continue to be part of society.