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This surgery, is let down by reception staff

July 21, 2021
I needed blood tests for hormone levels, the first three sets of blood tests at that time excluded oestrogen... because the nurse chose to request a hirsuitism blood test, rather than an oestrogen blood test.
On the fourth occasion, when oestrogen was requested, the test was done.

On numerous occasions my prescriptions have 'Gone Missing'
the reception staff would assure me (VERY STRONGLY) that they had been sent to the pharmacy, however on three occasions when the reception staff changed, the new person looked in the box to the left of the reception desk, and found the prescriptions were actually in the box, inside the doctors reception area, NOT at the pharmacy.
More recently I was asked to contact the surgery for an annual review. I called many times, but failed to get an answer, the calls were either ringtone no reply ending with a network disconnection message, or repeated busy tone.
I received another message announcing that this was the second time they were contacting me, (as if I was in some way responsible for their service being inaccessible to me)
the next available day I had to ring 57 times to get through.
I was offered a do it yourself kit of responses to online messages and a blood / urine test, the receptionist did not advise that the online service would involve an internet domain registered in the united states and supported by Amazon.
I felt very uncomfortable dealing with AMAZON so I re contacted the surgery and requested a personal checkup instead, this was rejected several times by the reception staff, who would not identify who had responded on the emails. (Most unprofessional)
eventually, today, I got through to the booking line again, and was dealt with by a trainee, who was MUCH More helpful. and it only took me 157 calls to get through to that person.
On one occasion I did get answered by an answering machine, which gave me opening times which were different to the ones that reception were giving me, and asked me to call back between 10am and 4pm... I was calling at 1:45pm. which was inside the dates and times when the service was supposed to be operational.
This is , to the best of my knowledge, the better surgery in the area.

Can't get an appointment at all to see my des

April 4, 2018
Tried to book an afternoon appointment at the surgery today with my designated gp. Was told my GP is leaving so I asked for an afternoon appointment with the other gp they set up for me to see consistently. No appointments for an afternoon, either face to face or over the phone, at all! Can't make a complaint in the surgery or over the phone, no forms. I have to write an email, no name given, to make a complaint! I have ptsd and border personality disorder and find this most disturbing. All I want is to see the same doctor and not have to see a different one every time. If you try to get an appointment over the phone you have to divulge confidential information to a receptionist. I'm left now with little options to see or even speak to a doctor. I can't make morning appointments due to not being able to sleep at night due to illnesses, so I have literally no choice but to move surgeries if I wish to see a consistent doctor in an afternoon. By consistent I don't mean every day, just the same one when an appointment needs to be made. So if I want to make a complaint I have no name to send it to, just the surgery, which effectively means it'd be an open email! Surely that's not right??

major issue with getting appointments

October 23, 2017
In trying to get an appointment I was asked by reception staff for symptoms and details I was not able or willing to discuss. They were very obstructive and difficult to deal with and in no way a caring or a quality service.