How you can provide evidence to the government about NHS dental services in Calderdale

August 28, 2019

Healthwatch Calderdale is submitting evidence to the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee inquiry into dental services.

The Committee is holding an inquiry into dentistry services and they’re asking for feedback about the provision of NHS dental services.

We have used evidence gathered from the clients and groups we work with to provide feedback to the inquiry, but it’s also open for members of the public to comment on too.

The main themes we are submitting evidence about are: access to an NHS dentist; access to urgent dental care; access to interpreters for those unable to speak English; patients unaware they have been de-listed by their dentist; cancelled appointments; inappropriate dental work being carried out; penalty charges and also reviews left on Healthwatch Calderdale’s website by patients of local NHS dentists.

The inquiry is looking at the state of the relationship between the NHS and dentistry and whether current arrangements are satisfactory and how access to NHS dentistry can be improved, among many other areas.

People can submit their views about NHS dentistry by clicking here before Friday 13  September, 2019.


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