Healthwatch Calderdale’s hypermobility project goes national

November 4, 2019

After Healthwatch Calderdale’s work into hypermobility was raised locally, nationally and on social media, we have been contacted by many people sharing their own experiences of hypermobility.

We thank you all so much for sharing your stories with us.

Hypermobility debate in the House of Commons

While we cannot represent people outside of the Calderdale area individually, we will collate all the feedback and update our report to include it as part of the ‘bigger picture’. This includes feedback from people living in the North West, North East, Kent, London and the Midlands.

We will also use your experiences to highlight the difficulties people with hypermobility face in getting a diagnosis and support thereafter with health organisations nationally.

We ask that you also continue to provide feedback to your own Healthwatch (you can find details here) so evidence can be built up around the Healthwatch network.

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