Have your say on Calderdale’s Single Point of Access mental health service

October 14, 2019

People with experiences of accessing a mental health service in Calderdale are invited to a meeting with the organisation that runs it.

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SWYFT) would like service users and carers with experiences of, or an interest, in the Single Point of Access (SPA) service to be involved in a workshop that takes place on Wednesday 6 November from 10.30am – 1 pm at the Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre on Hopwood Lane in Halifax.

There will be a discussion and workshop around SPA and people getting the right mental health services in a timely way.

SWYFT say: “We’ve heard that the current system of accessing mental health services doesn’t always work as well as it could and it can take time for people to get to the right place.

“In partnership with Healthwatch Kirklees we’ve been speaking with service users, carers, and our community partners and looking at good practice to improve the way that people access mental health services.”

“Come along to our session to hear our plans and share your thoughts about the changes to our Single Point of Access in Calderdale and Kirklees.”

To book a place call 07775 552822 or emailing Engagement-ICT@swyt.nhs.uk

The event will be supported by Healthwatch Calderdale and Healthwatch Kirklees.

SPA engagement flyer – Elsie Whiteley final

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