Free cooking course for people in Calderdale with learning disabilities

April 21, 2021

A new cooking course is taking place suitable for people with learning disabilities.

The Cook together, Share together is a project funded by West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership to be delivered by Lead the Way in Calderdale.

It is a FREE 6 session course aimed at people in Calderdale with a learning disability who live independently and want to learn how to cook meals in a slow cooker, cook healthier food or learn a new skill (cooking). The course will be run on zoom.

A slow cooker and some equipment – mini chopper, food storage, microwavable pot –  and some food is provided, as well as recipes and shopping lists in easy read. Our first cook packs are ready for delivery.

The ingredients for the first session will also be given, alongside some store cupboard ingredients like pasta and seasonings.

If you know someone who fits the criteria and would be interested in joining the course, please contact 0300 012 0416 or e mail,

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