Do you struggle with your medicines?

December 23, 2019

The NHS wants to hear your personal experiences as a patient or carer. What you tell them will help to produce a national NHS report for the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. The aim is to improve how the NHS manage and prescribe medicines and how people are supported to take them properly. In some cases, this may also include how people can be supported to stop taking medicines that are not working for them.

Who should apply?

The NHS are looking for a diverse cross-section of people for this informal event which will enable you to discuss your ideas with other people who have similar issues:

  • People taking 5 or more different medicines in total
  • People who have long term health conditions
  • People who have issues with their medicines.

We guarantee that:

  • The final report will not mention your name and your contribution will be confidential
  • Details of your involvement will not be shared with your GP or anyone else
  • Please note this event does not offer you the chance to review your own personal prescriptions.

If you are interested, please click the link below and fill in the form. The NHS will try to include everyone who applies and we will contact everyone who applies to confirm your place.

Reasonable and agreed travel expenses will be paid

To register your interest visit 

Click the link below for more information or for a paper copy of the form. 

Invitation to workshop about your medicines

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