Details on the Covid-19 vaccine in Calderdale

January 4, 2021

The vaccination for Covid-19 is now being issued in Calderdale.

January 14 update: more details on how we’ll be invited for a Covid-19 vaccine can be found via the drop down on this link:

The vaccine is to protect people from Covid-19.  At first, the vaccine is being given based on the age and profession of people and the following people will be contacted first:

  • Residents in a care home for older adults and their carers;
  • Older people, typically aged over 80;
  • Frontline healthcare workers;
  • People with underlying health problems.

The full list can be seen by clicking here.

In Calderdale, the Clinical Commissioning Group, which oversees local healthcare, is asking members of the public NOT to contact their GP for information on the vaccine.

This is the largest vaccination programme in the history of the NHS and you can really help the NHS to deliver it to those that need it most by doing the following:

  • Please don’t contact the NHS to seek a vaccine – they will contact you when it’s the right time.
  • When you are contacted, please act immediately and make sure you attend your appointments. You will be told when and where to attend.
  • Please continue to follow all the guidelines – hand hygiene and social distancing in particular – to control the virus and save lives.

Please be aware, the vaccinations are free of charge. You do NOT need to give your bank details to anyone to secure a vaccination.

From Monday January 4, England was placed under a new lockdown. You can read the latest guidance here.


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