Community Covid19 Champions

October 5, 2020

You could be just the person we are looking for!


Would you be interested in a new volunteering opportunity that will help people to stay safe and support your local community to respond to and recover from the Covid-19 pandemic? We are looking to recruit volunteer Community Covid19 Champions to help share information within communities and help us develop our response to the virus in the future.


Community Covid19 Champions    


  • Receive the latest information, updates and advice about Covid-19.
  • Share the information with other people in their community however they want to. This could be conversations with family & friends, via social media or any other way they choose.
  • Let us know what is and isn’t working in their community so we can make sure we respond together in the way that will work best for each community.
  • Have access to regular support meetings to ask questions and provide feedback.


With a wider understanding of Covid-19, Government guidance and local information Community Covid19 Champions can help protect themselves, their family, friends and work mates.


To find out more about becoming a Community Covid19 Champion please contact

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