Cancer Recovery Package Patient Survey

August 1, 2018


Are you a cancer patient who has received treatment in West Yorkshire and Harrogate? Then we would like to ask for your views.

Our West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance is keen to find out patients’ experience of being offered any of the different parts of the ‘Recovery Package’, which means that the support you get is built around you and your own needs. New national cancer guidance says that all people diagnosed with cancer should have access to the ‘Recovery Package’ by 2020. We want to know which parts you were offered, what was useful and beneficial and your views on how we could improve.

Please follow the link to our West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance website where you can complete the survey and submit it online. The survey will be available from July 10th to September 14th 2018.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this questionnaire – your comments and suggestions will help us to continue to make improvements to benefit people affected by cancer across West Yorkshire and Harrogate.

Please contact Helen Jones if you would like this survey in a different format or 01924 317560

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