Autism-friendly Santa’s Grotto Sessions at Eureka!

December 11, 2017

Eureka! is holding autism-friendly Santa’s Grotto sessions from 2 December-23 December.

The autism-friendly grotto will be open for the first hour of every grotto day from 10am – 11am (when the museum is at its quietest), with 12 grotto slots available to autistic children and their families only.

So how does it work?
The Eureka! team are all trained in autism awareness, and the dedicated grotto sessions will also be tailored in a number of ways by:
– turning off any flashing festive lights
– having bookable sessions to prevent the need to queue (for general grotto sessions it’s first-come, first-served)
– adjust lighting to suit each child (some prefer dimmed lighting, some prefer the lights right up)
– turn the festive music off!
– Remove beards or any costume items that are triggers for individual children.

At the start of each 10 minute visit, an elf will discuss your child’s individual requirements, before nipping in to see Santa and make sure that everything is just as you requested.

So when’s it happening?
The grotto is open every weekend from 25 November, and daily from 16-23 December 2017.
Autism-friendly sessions will run from 10am-11am on grotto days, with bookable 10 minute slots available – book at the Info Desk on arrival. The grotto will open to the general public at 11am.
Standard grotto charge of £3 per child applies, and includes a small gift for each child (you must also pay for admission to Eureka! or have a Eureka! Annual Pass).

Important information:
Autism-friendly timeslots cannot be booked before your visit – book and pay at the Information Desk on arrival.
What if you arrive and no more slots are available? Our staff will be flexible accommodate your needs and offer the tailored, autism-friendly elements but unfortunately we can’t offer bookable slots from 11am.

For more information call 01422 330069 or email

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