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August 3, 2021
This pharmacy left a vulnerable 86 year old man who has dementia and alzheimers without his pivotel medication for 3 days, which was delivered to his home by them every week. They had also the previous week delivered to the same man two lots of another persons meds, which were being taken by this vulnerable old man. It wasnt until his nurse picked up that it wasnt his medication! When challenged by an upset and angry daughter their response was to say that they would stop delivering his pivotel medication once the prescription had run out, knowing that not many pharmacy's provide this service, because they did not like the manner in how they were being spoken to. His daughter was upset and frustrated that this had happened and naturally this came across in the phone conversation. They still had a duty of care to this customer. we were given 2 weeks to sort out a change over of doctors and then to find another pharmacy who could deliver. This was not a quick process unfortunately. When asked by the Mental Health Nurse if they would provide his medication again, just until we could sort another pharmacy as it had taken longer than expected, they refused point blank. When the daughter tried to contact them to ask if they would just provide another weeks medication, she was told "because of the way you spoke to us we ended this service" when told they had a duty of care and this was a safeguarding issue, they said it wasnt and they felt they had given plenty of time for us to sort out an alternative pharmacy. Unhelpful, unprofessional and no compassion. I would not recommend this pharmacy and would avoid.