Single Point of Access (SPA)

The Calderdale and Kirklees Single Point of Access team receives referrals for adult mental health services in Calderdale and Kirklees and also some older people’s referrals. The team screens all referrals for urgency i.e. whether they need a response within 4 hours or 14 days. They meet with people who have been triaged to need a routine face to face assessment of their needs (currently within 14 days).


01924 316830

Beckside Court
2nd Floor
West Yorkshire
WF17 5PW


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October 14, 2021
This team:
Refusal for an appointment
Refusal for medication change
Refusal for essential evaluation

Absolutely disgusting service

September 13, 2021
Basically told my partner to get a grip while struggling with stress, depression and anxiety due to not be able to conceive children. Watching my partner crying her eyes out and curled up in a ball is heartbreaking to watch and all she needs is someone to talk too.

Absolutely shocking

August 11, 2021
The service is absolutely diabolical rang numerous times and explained things to them over and over which in turn made me worse promised over and over for calls back not one of these had actually been fulfilled rang when having a panic attack was due a call back and never came promised to try get some medication and never heard back! Waste of time absolutely under no circumstances would I ever use you again!!!

They are not particularly helpful

May 14, 2021
Do not listen, they are not patient focused

Autism complaint

April 28, 2021
I have too much to say to put in this little box. Disgusted in their gaslighting and incompetence when dealing with a person with autism. Will be written up fully in an official complaint.

Failing People with Mental Health Issues

August 4, 2018
I was referred to this service by my GP and have contacted them on five separate occasions in an attempt to make an appointment and/or access the service. A day after my third telephone call, I received a letter asking me to contact the service and also threatened me that if I did not contact them they would discharge me.

After another two telephone calls an individual finally called me back and stated that they would send me an appointment to assess my mental health needs. Two days later I received yet another letter asking me to contact the service to arrange an appointment and again threatened me with being discharged!

It should be noted that whoever answers the telephone requires training on how to handle calls from patients, their attitude is appalling and they evidently have difficulty referring patients to the appropriate members of staff. It is deeply frustrating and disheartening for someone who is in mental health distress. I have already lost confidence in the service and haven't even managed to get an appointment yet!