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Excellent service

January 8, 2024
Admin team are helpful, I find it useful to explain why calling/visiting to get an appointment as last time the nurse was the best person to see.
I still call/visit to get an appointment, haven't used any online services. I don't know why as I use loads of Apps, I feel like it's not clear what benefit there is to signing up for GP online.

Good with children's appointments

March 28, 2023
Had 4 appointments here over the last 12 months, 2 for me & 1 each for my 2 children. They are great with the appointments for the children, if you give an overview and tell them the child's age they are usually good at fitting them in. I feel they are more strict with adults even if you tell them symptoms. I have been given appointments but they have been by telephone for 1 and the in person appointment was a few days later.

Good response for children's needs

January 10, 2023
I've always had a good response when I've called with medical issues relating to my children, they take me seriously and I feel they are compassionate.
I haven't needed to use the service for myself since I was pregnant, but I would feel happy with the staff.
I like the idea of a telephone appointment, unless it's for something that needs to be seen, as getting to and from the surgery with children, waiting with them and taking them in would be uncomfortable.

Was treated without needing to travel

August 2, 2022
Went here about 3 months ago. I think I went onto a triage list because I told the admin person what I wanted. That worked well and meant the doctor knew why I called when I spoke to them instead of starting it all over again.
It was all done over the phone and that was good for me. Just had to go to pharmacy to get medication.
I am 18 and I think this is a good way to access doctors/nurses when it's not life-threatening.

Really good

July 2, 2018


May 21, 2018
Tend to be very helpful and don't take to long to get an appointment