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can never see a doctor

January 30, 2024
its all phone conversations i dont see as that helps

Nice staff

June 22, 2022
I have a learning disability and staff are helpful and nice to me.

poor can't make an appointment when there

June 11, 2022
had to get a sick note they weren't interested they gave my a self sick note which is no good went to make an appointment and was told to ring up or do it on line i just wanted to make an appointment so frustrating


October 23, 2021
I would rate no stars if possible. Disgusting service. Almost impossible to see a go face to face.

Diagnosed anxiety was actually pneumonia

August 27, 2021
I rang for a face to face appointment as i knew something was wrong with my body and i was very breathless all the time. The doctor refused to do a face to face even told me to go chemist to check my blood pressure instead of seeing me.
I then got diagnosed with anxiety and prescribed propanol and a 3 week review for depression. The next day I rang crying to be seen and was told to fill an online form in. At this point I was struggling to breathe and in agony with pain. I hung up and went straight to A&E where I was diagnosed with fluid on the lungs and pneumonia. Very disappointed with the service I received and things could have ended differently if id just believed it was anxiety but i knew something serious was wrong.

Never get to see any doctor at Mixenden

August 25, 2021
I live just round the corner but have been sent to Boothtown, Shelf, revolving door doctors, rairly seeing the Dr whose treating you, have to do it over telephone, been texted but no follow up, told to go to stones surgery and getting there finding it all closed up. Purpose built surgery and chemist, surgery only works part time, I reckon Caritas is a front for American style doctoring, bye bye NHS

Long wait to see someone

August 23, 2021
Before you can see a doctor you have to get through the receptionist which can take 20 minutes and when you need to see a doctor you trust because everyone else trust said it can take weeks because they have no faith in anyone else there


August 23, 2021
Never answer the phones and when you do your told to go online and then told your condition over the phone even without being seen to.

You cannot diagnose a patient over the phone

August 23, 2021
I have autoimmune diseases and a brain tumour so trying to keep up with my care has been difficult..... but trying to get in to see a Dr has been impossible. I had a gastric episode back in June that lasted for over a week.... I'm still waiting for my gp to give me a call back regarding this matter as I'm a high risk of anaphylaxis. Unfortunately not a few weeks later I was taken into A&E with the same condition and im now being told I need a scan to check me for another life changing condition

was lead to believe triage started from 8 am

September 18, 2018
was lead to believe triage started at 8am didnt answer the phone till 8.40 ,seems to be no efficency on the part of the reception do not seem to be able to ring you back on the right number this has happened on numerous occassions you are having to chase things up yourself ,have faith in the doctors Receptionsts it is if they cannot be bothered..