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Poor communication and coordination of care.

May 22, 2018
I was referred by my G.P to Leeds General Infirmary, for elective surgery, and rang for first appointment in October 2016, only after having exhausted from 2013, all those treatments available in Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Trust..
I have no previous experience of out of area, for non emergency treatment referral.
I was shocked to discover, that Consultant & G.P. led tests, investigations, results and treatment plans in Calderdale & Huddersfield, are not accessible to view online at clinic in Leeds and vice versa , due to incompatible computer systems.
I hadn't expected to have to pass on, in depth medical information to consultants and my G.P. which itself, in the time constraints of allotted appointment times is daunting.
It took 4+ attempts via Patient Liaison Service ( PALS) and 20 days, before the Leeds Hospital returned my call, and explain failures to return my calls over a 6 week period.
During which time, having been under the care and had investigations with Halifax NHS consultant, I was left with no option, having discussed the issue with my G.P., but not to start a prescribed new treatment.
Though a situation, not of my making, I don't look forward to having to explain my non compliance at my next out_patient appointment, with that consultant.
Having learnt, by default (my file no longer being accessible by pre_assessment team) that I had passed surgical pre_assessment in February, I have been placed on a waiting list ( the average waiting time from listing being 50 weeks ) and will receive no further contact from Leeds, until a surgery date can be offered, since it is the policy of Leeds Trust, not to give a surgery date, quoting instead, an earliest date of end November 2018.