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Phone appointments are good

August 2, 2022
I am 17 and I needed to speak to a doctor. I phoned and told the receptionist why and asked if my appointments could be after college and they were able to get me a phone call with a doctor who helped me.
This is much easier than having to go in person.
I would want phone appointments or something on video rather than having to go, if medically it's best,
I also asked if they would tell my parents & they said no. I feel at my age that is best for me.

only 1 issue

January 27, 2020
I have attended this doctors since I was a baby. The only issue I have is booking appointments with doctors. I have had plenty of appointments for various reasons.

excellent surgery

March 27, 2019
All staff are extremely helpful, polite and friendly. Booking online and ordering medication is very easy. GP takes the time to read my notes before I am called in. He has been extremely encouraging on my weight loss journey. He always listens to me and then makes suggestions and I always feel involved in any decisions which need making.