Calderdale Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Tier 2 - Northpoint Wellbeing


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Reviews (5)

Failed to do what they said

April 15, 2021
Useless, these lot have failed me time and time again.

2 kids diagnosed ASD, brereaved, anxiety adhd

December 11, 2019
I have put a complaint in using the online form CCG and they’ve told me I need to do this directly with tier 2 Cahms but couldn’t give me the email details to complain as they don’t know them. I found the tier 2 Cahms person argumentative and unprofessional in a session in front on my child. The CCG suggested I contact healthwatch for support with the complaint.

Unresponsive, low standards

June 5, 2019
Having been turned away initially, despite GP referral, we found a private psychiatrist to treat our son. That went well for two years.
Then we were persuaded by behaviour nurse to go to camhs. What a mistake! My son is on meds which are having severe effects on his health, but psychiatrist ignores our phone calls, messages. Been trying for 3 weeks now.
Disrespectful and irresponsible.
Abi Lupton-Levy

Terrible - Terrible - Terrible

March 24, 2018
This service is atrocious. They do not help autsitic children and surely discriminate refusing to help disabled children with their anxieties. Anxiety is just as real in autistics as anyone else. The suicide rate in autism is considerably higher than that of the rest of society, more resources should be distrubuted to these children, not less.
They try save money by not helping autisitc children, but later cost the public purse considerably more with cures and drugs than they would have on measures which would prevent escalation of mental health problems.
Although, many autisitc children are anxious, this does not mean that they should remain that way, it does not mean anxiety is inevitable and can not be worked on.
Remaining in an anxious state is damaging and cruel, teahcing these children they do not matter to society is wrong,

Wouldn't even see my violent son

March 24, 2018
After continued aggression in school and home from my 6 year old ASD diagnosed child (hit and spat at every day) as well as anxious self harming behaviour I was pleased to get a referral to CAMHS by my GP. They did not even bother to see him. They decided over the phone that he could not have any help from them as his needs were "not significant".
He has kicked and hit strangers it public, regularly spits and hits his teacher, kicks the cars if people we don't know, hurled a radiator downstairs, hit me in the eyes til I see lights and lashes out at little ones. He cannot sleep or go to loo alone. If this is not considered significant then what is? The same week I find out that the CCG in Calderdale have spent thousands of pounds on a private consultation company. I am disgusted with this response and will be complaining and taking it further.