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Rude receptionist

September 8, 2023
Dentist and dental nurse were great . Receptionist was really rude . Told me I was lying , aggressively told me to 'just sit down ' several times whilst infront of my child . If I wasn't bothered about my children having a dentist I would just leave and move to another practice purely on the receptionists attitude .


August 5, 2023
Visited dentist after a tooth broke that had a crown connected to it. Dentist listened to my concerns regarding a dental plate with two false teeth attached and then suggested a different way of repair that sounded more to my liking, sealed the top of the remaining root from the broken tooth then gave me a four week appointment to have the work started. When I visited the dentist it was a different dentist and they said they were unhappy about anything different than a denture and then made an impression of my teeth for the dental plate. Three weeks later I had the plate fitted but the fit was poor after the dentist tried to make the denture fit, she gave up, and told me to come back on a weeks time to see if it was any better. Went back after a week denture still no better, was then told I needed a new impression taken and I would have to come back for that. Went back and saw a dental technician who again tried to make it fit, I told him I was un happy with the fit and also that one of the teeth on the plate was not correct as they kept grinding the back down. I then asked if he was going to make a new impression and was the told I'd have to come back for that. Still waiting for a new impression to be taken and now have tooth ache from the filled root, as they ground the top off, to try and make the denture fit.

Totally dismissive with a very bad attitude.

July 19, 2023
the dentist was very inconvenienced with me and dismissed everything I said. Now other teeth have started to hurt after his aggressive poking around He made me feel like a second-class citizen. He didn’t wear a mask and I don’t recall any gloves

Poor service

May 31, 2023
Went in for an extraction that I had to wait 6 weeks for from the initial appointment.

On the day of extraction I saw the same dentist as the initial appointment but after examination he stated "that, needs to come out, we will need to book you in for an extraction", he seemed caught back when I said you said that 6 weeks ago and here I am!

Dentist then spent the next 40mins attempting to remove a lower wisdom tooth but failed to do so. He gave me the option of a referral to his private practise in Brighouse and a £600 bill or a referral to the hospital which may be a year to get seen and extracted.

I left there and then after the drugs wore off had to go to an emergency dentist through 111 as Beechwood would not see me again. The emergency dentist apologised for the experience and said that was not normal. My tooth demolished with only the exposed root left in the gum. They covered it up to stop the pain and I had it extracted by BUPA a week later.
Gavin Smith

only open 1 day

September 16, 2022
only open 1 day

New teeth plate

November 30, 2021
So I have always hated my two front teeth, there where too bit with a large gap and struck out too much
Today I went and had a plate put in replacing my caps
I have never smiled with my mouth open as I was conscious of my teeth
I have been supported so much not only by the Dentist but also the dentist nurse team and receptionist
I am so happy with how my teeth now that I will so be smiling with my mouth open
Thank you to all the team at Beechwood
D Berry

The best dental practice i have used

March 16, 2020
I hadn't been to the dentist for at least 15 years, and had several broken teeth.
The dentist did a great job of patching up my broken teeth, and I hardly felt the anaesthetic injection.
He put me at ease, which was great as I have a fear of dentists, and I will now happily keep up with my appointments.
All the staff at this dentist are friendly and caring, and even though I had to wait a bit as they were very busy, I didn't mind at all.

First appointment with this dental practice

March 4, 2020
First appointment with this dental practice yesterday, really friendly staff, dentists attitude was great especially as I haven't been to a dentist for many years. I am happy that he is going to do the minimum of treatment to get my teeth in a better condition. Booked in for dental work and to see hygienist.
Jo Budgen

Brilliant Dentist puts you at ease.

January 31, 2020
He was a great dentist, best dentist I have ever seen.
Patricia Odonnell

Long wait for appointment

April 26, 2017
I have one or two broken teeth and have to wait 9 months for my next appointment