During October 2016, we made 5 visits to A&E at Calderdale Royal Hospital to ask people why they had chosen to come to hospital for urgent and emergency care that day.
We found that most people go to the hospital for urgent and emergency care when they experience a health emergency or have an accident, however sometimes people go there for other reasons, for example when they can’t get an appointment with their GP or don’t know how to access out-of-hours services.

Understanding more about this helps local health services to shape what they do – if they understand why people use A&E, even if they could get the care they need through another service, then they can develop and improve the way that other services work, so that they give patients what they need.

If you want to understand more about the work we did, and the reasons why people visited A&E whilst we were there, please look at our report below.

Urgent and Emergency Care Report