Healthwatch Calderdale submitted evidence to the Commission for Equality in Mental Health in August 2019.

We used evidence gathered from the clients and the groups in our feedback. The main themes which we provided feedback on were:

Mental health
Addressing the social, economic and political determinants of mental health
  • difficulties in daily life as a result of mental health problems specifically regarding work, finances education and impact on family
Ensuring equal access to support for mental health
  • lack of specialist mental health services
  • lack of choice in mental health care
  • lack of knowledge of autistic spectrum condition in generic mental health services
  • difficulties in obtaining mental health support for people with autistic spectrum condition
  • autism diagnoses from outside of area not been accepted within area. People being referred for further diagnostic assessment and subsequently being ‘undiagnosed’
  • discharge from mental health services of people reporting suicidal feelings/escalating mental health problems followed by suicide attempts
  • Lack of reasonable adjustments in mental health services for people with disabilities under the Equality Act 2010
  • access problems to mental health services where a person’s behaviour is difficult
  • staff attitudes and behaviour in mental health service impacting on people’ access to crisis service

We also submitted suggestions from either our clients or proposed based on our experience of supporting people with mental health needs for improving quality and outcomes in mental health support.