Mary’s story
“We seem short on dieticians in this area as they seem to come and go…”
Living with Coeliac disease, Arthritis, and osteoporosis during the pandemic

What we do and why

“We want the people of Kirklees to have health and social care that works for them – helping them stay well, get the best out of local services and manage any condition they face.

We listen to and learn from people’s experiences to help make health and care better. These are just some of the people that have helped us make care better for everyone. For every story you share, every experience you talk to us about we work hard to make change happen, thank you.”

Pete's story

 No alternatives were given and my son was left without a dentist…” 

Access to dental care impacting on children’s oral health. 

Finding a dentist

Fazlla's story

“It was important  we had the vaccine somewhere familiar.

Finding a local vaccination centre for this family.

Getting the vaccine

Ravensknowle's story

I wanted to improve things for our residents…

How our enter and view reports make a difference.

New WiFi installed