Wheelchair services for children and young people

In 2016, Healthwatch Calderdale became aware of some issues people were having with wheelchair services (provided by Opcare) and began to talk to people about their experience.  At the end of October 2016, Healthwatch Kirklees were approached by a support group who work with parents of children with additional needs to ask if they could share their views on Opcare’s services.  Healthwatch carried out a period of engagement during March/April 2017 and produced a report which shows the findings:

Engagement report for Opcare wheelchair services FINAL DRAFT

During October 2017, further engagement with Opcare’s stakeholders took place; this ensured that everyone who uses wheelchair services had an opportunity to have their say, including carers for adults and staff who refer people to Opcare. The findings from this survey are currently being reviewed.

On 29 November 2017, the Clinical Commissioning Group released the following statement on Opcare’s Wheelchair Services Joint statement from Clinical Commissioning Groups