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Was it so bad

April 8, 2022
My daughter had an appointment today and the dentist was so rude he ask me where are you from and also he was blame my daughter about her pain

Unable to get appointments in an emergency

July 26, 2021
Tried to make an appointment this morning as my filling had come out and the only time that I can get in is Friday 30th July as I also get paid on that date, I didn't find the receptionist very helpful. And this isn't the first time that this has happened to me, I can't go to an emergency dentist as I have got a dentist and that my dentist should have emergency appointments for situations like mine, the receptionist would not give me an appointment before Friday as I don't have any money. The possible appointments would be next week and that would only a provisional appointment. So I have a gaping big hole in my tooth which is more likely to get infected and I can't get an appointment.

phone always engaged

February 13, 2020
i have been ringing all morning and the phone constantly engaged
Deborah Senior