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The Boulevard Medical Practice

Rated by Anonymous
15th December 2019
Response from provider

Awful surgery

Absolutely abysmal. Would not recommend this practice to anyone especially those who suffer with mental health issues. Doctors treat people like drug addicts if they take any medications that have the potential to be abused, regardless of how often or how little of the medication is prescribed. I am prescribed 3 days worth of the lowest strength of diazepam per month and the doctors treat me like an addict and even when my anxiety is that bad that I need a further supply they refuse to issue it, which has resulted in having to go to the hospital in a suicidal state on more than one occasion. One doctor in particular doesn't even make eye contact when she's dismissing your problems (also known as having an appointment with her) - she told me if I could lift my leg up, I don't have sciatica. This was over a year ago and I am still in constant pain with nerve pain running through my lower back and down both legs.
One doctor here has tried to cure my depression with inspirational quotes, after attending the surgery having lost a lot of weight, unable to stop crying for weeks and self harming he said 'a tiger does not stop to lick its paws, it carries on running' and sent me on my way. I still suffer with depression and anxiety 12 years on and can't help but think if I'd have had the help I needed from the surgery my life may have been a lot different.

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