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Feel listened to

June 28, 2023
I am wary of going to the doctors because of Covid still but I feel listened to here. I have dizzy spells & I feel I am taken seriously. There is still some investigation needed but I feel reassured it's being explored. I have autism and they understand me well.

Totally incompetent staff

October 10, 2022
My brother has type 2 diabetes and has to take insulin everyday. He has needles on repeat prescription which for the second time have FAILED to be ordered for him. Over a week late now. First time this happened had to drive over to the Bradford Royal Infirmary to pick some up for him. They have also failed in ordering other repeat items he needs. Totally incompetent staff.

Good experience

August 2, 2022
I am 17. I was nervous contacting them for an appointment as previously my mum did this but I wanted independence.
It was about 2 months ago & I phoned and told the person who answered the phone why I was calling.
They advised it was something I could speak to a nurse about. I was phoned by a nurse at a time good for me & she could help me over the phone but said I may need a blood test. I visited for that a few days later.
I then had another phone call a week later with results & prescription to collect.
It all worked well and I am happy with the outcome.

Support for learning disability

June 27, 2022
They are good at sorting my prescriptions. They are helpful when I go to see them. I have a learning disability & they understand my needs.

Phone appointments preferred

June 27, 2022
Good with children, I can always book appointments quickly for them. Not as good with adults with longer waits.
Phone appointments work well as they suit home/work life balance. Rare to be able to book an appointment after work (after 5pm) they always go quickly so I would prefer phone appointments offered first to avoid having to take time off work.

Not even verbal consultation just text

June 14, 2022
Very poor. Rang for appointment and got an online link to write in 300 characters my symptoms. Asked for a phone call and got a text message not really addressing my symptoms with a message to ring for a telephone call to speak to the physio which I can’t have until July 1st. Asked for a phone call and got a text. This is the third time over several months when I needed a doctor that I just got a text.

Quickly seen

May 23, 2022
I have a learning disability and they see me quickly. They check on the phone what it's about and they give me an appointment.
I am independent but need support with prescriptions and that happens here and at Sowerby Bridge Pharmacy.
I use the website as I find that easier than waiting on the phone to sort prescriptions.

Terrible. Doctors are not providing service.

March 23, 2022
1) The appointment booking system is abysmal, you are directed to an online form which rarely works. If you call they refuse to acknowledge you.
2) They responded to a request about tonsilitus with a text message having never spoken to the patient, who was pregnant. The message contained no actual medical care.
3) I had to threaten them with complaints to NHS England and point out that I am a doctor myself before they gave a call back.
4) They assume non medically trained members of the public are capable of performing diagnostic medicine with no consultation.

I frankly think the practice should be disolved.
Steven Spall

Absolutely brilliant

December 29, 2021
Had a medical issue so registered an E-consult report at 8am on the day after the Christmas break. My GP phoned me at 9.30am, discussed the issue, agreed a treatment programme and I collected a prescription in the afternoon. Absolutely brilliant.

Very bad

November 1, 2021
Waiting for a call back. 6 hours later.