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Ross Care Calderdale, Greater Huddersfield and North Kirklees Posture & Mobility Service

Rated by Anonymous
6th March 2020
Response from provider

ROSSCARE - Possible Breach of Duty

Rosscare treat patients & their families like fools, profit definitely comes first with this company with the patient coming below the company & their staff just like it did with Opcare but Rosscare are worse than they are!

They don't return phone calls in a timely manner & then pretend they've only just got it several days later, they encourage patients to sign forms that they shouldn't, they only have one clinical lead covering the whole of the UK, this is why patients are having to wait longer than is acceptable to be seen & then their appointments are cut short because Rosscare have booked too many in for that day & then have to return for a second appointment to finish the first one off.

Their senior staff member is covering several branches, he doesn't return important emails relating to my son's care or phone messages & their staff claim that they never know where he is & claim they don't have a contact number for him, which I know to be untrue.

Their Blatchford engineers are poorly trained & refer patients to their website for equipment operating instructions which are not on there when you try & find them.

At the moment they could be in breach of duty regarding my son & are failing to carry out assessments properly. We know of members of their staff who have had enough already, one being a therapist & that's only what we know of.

They use cheap inferior materials, Blatchford produce poor quality equipment & position buckles & cams in almost impossible locations which the disabled cannot operate. They are not a fit & proper company to be running an NHS service & are not giving the tax payer good value for money, duping the CCG in the process, when are the CCG going to act as they claim 'to put the patient first' according to their website.

I've also let my MP & local Councillor know what's going on with Rosscare but I've heard nothing from either of them.

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