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let down by seemingly untrained staff

July 6, 2018
We engaged Passion For Support to care for our mother who has mid stage dementia. They promised us they knew what they were doing but whilst some Carers were fine, many were not. I happened to be present and witness one come in and go less than 5 minutes later (meant to be 60 mins). They were meant to prompt medication but failed, leaving it to neighbours..which begs the question ‘what were we paying for?’ One Carer didn’t even know about the medication at all!!! On other occasions she went unfed..the community mental health team had to come in at one point. When challenged they summarily ended my mothers care - without warning. She then had to be sectioned because we couldn’t put other care in place in time. Feel very angry that they let us, and my mother down so badly. Each person’s experience with care can be different but you can’t take chances: there are lots of good care providers out there. Passion for support, I believe, are not one.