Ovenden Pharmacy


01422 647242

Beechwood Medical Centre
60a Keighley Road
West Yorkshire


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Reviews (8)

Poor sevice

July 16, 2022
Never have prescriptions ready and staff very rude

Distressing service

August 27, 2021
With the exception of one staff member the service is abhorrent. I found some conversations with staff demoralising and distressing. The only saving grace of this pharmacy are the delivery people, whom are pleasant and helpful.

Very rude Don't like ringing them

July 28, 2021
Very rude on phone. Everytime I ring them.. Never bring my tablet on the day. And I can be very bad with out them. I gone a few days with out them.

Very hard too talk too

April 7, 2021
Hard to talk to them On the phone.. My tablets always late... And tablets I can not do with out.. It every month

Excellent service provided by the whole team

January 14, 2021
I recently enquired about one of my clients going onto a dosset tray due to health issues. His current pharmacy were unable to fulfil this so I rang Ovenden Pharmacy and spoke to the manager. She was extremely helpful and arranged for this to be available as soon as they had the prescriptions. We ordered his medication which unfortunately was sent to his old pharmacy. Ovenden chased them up and had the tray ready before my client ran out of his meds. I now have a happy and non stressed client. Thank you to the team at Ovenden Pharmacy.

Treated very rudely this morning

September 14, 2019
I went in this morning to enquire about how to have a repeat prescription and was treated very rudely and dismissively by the young woman in the pharmacy. I did not expect such argumentative behaviour from anyone working in a pharmacist. I can only assume it was too early in the morning for her (9:20am on a Saturday) but it left me feeling very upset and worried.
NJ Moseley

Great service

December 12, 2017
Very helpful staff

Worst pharmacy in Halifax

May 13, 2017
Pharmacy is never open on time, especially weekends, the pharmacist is rude and nominated me for electronic prescriptions without my consent. I'm surprised this place has not been investigated.