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So much better than what replaced it.

October 18, 2020
It's a pity Meadowdale was closed. It offered a far better service than the practice that I'm now with. They seemed to value my good health, whereas my new doctors treat me like I'm annoying them whenever I need help.

Dangerous service

November 19, 2019
One helpful receptionist. The rest leave the phone to ring for up to an hour only to be told try again next week for an appointment.
My husband suffered anaphalactic shock on August 15th and was hospitalized. He has seen 3 doctors since, requesting, pleading and now demanding to see an allergist. He now has a text saying he is on an 8 week waiting list to see a Leeds consultant, 21 weeks after his hospital admission where he nearly died.

Reply from Meadow Dale Group Practice

We sincerely apologise for the concerns you have raised. We have investigated this matter and we found that although there was a delay with the referral, You were seen initially by a locum GP who did not action the referral as promptly as required, Although our clinical lead was informed of the situation and looked into this, I can see that the referral has now been completed. Unfortunately once the referral has left our practice we have no input on the waiting time for this service. I would advise you to contact the immunology service in regards to this.
Bringing up the call waiting time, our reception is manned by one receptionist in all sites that do accept numerous incoming lines We have been looking into this process to find a suitable solution whether its numbering callers etc Just for some acknowledgement of where you are in the que.
Any further issues please contact the surgery

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Branson strikes again

January 26, 2018
Never get an appointment when you need one. NHS direct called an ambulance out on me, and they were faster, more helpful than anything I’ve experienced at this surgery. Totally disgusting customer service; defensive and uncooperative.

The doctor was insolent, surly, and snappy. Gave me a lecture - before examining me - on the fact the current flu is taking three weeks to leave your body. Then realised I had bacterial lung infection after examination. Very unpleasant. I’d already planned to leave the surgery but this was the final straw.

Really, don’t waste your time here.

Are GPs ever available?

January 26, 2018
I had chest pains, coughing up blood, fever, ruttling chest, back ache, and raised blood pressure. Symptoms of pneumonia. NHS Direct called out an ambulance as they were so concerned. I refused to go to hospital but agreed to see GP. Ambulance crew said GP should give an appointment as they had been called. I rang the GP at 08:04 the day after, no appointments until next week. When I'm probably dead. Thanks a bunch, you group of money grabbing losers.

I wouldn't be so agitated if it weren't for the fact that this is the third time I've needed - not wanted - to see a GP, and been unable to get in. I've only been with them a year, and every time they're too busy. They're a disgrace, and the reception staff are blunt to the point of rudeness. Time to get a new GP! Good old Richard Branson hashing up the health service now.