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Copley Dental Care

Rated by Zain
6th June 2016

Bad Experience

I visited this dentist
To get my root canal treatment finished which was done by a dentist in Manchester. I trusted this practise to do a honest job
I have been in pain ever since these guys treated me
When she prepared my tooth for crown she has disturbed / Exposed the root in tooth which has caused me pain and discomfort
I tell her this at next appointment and she didn't take it seriously and decdided to fit the crown
After is was fitted it felt ten times worse and the crown was too big
The dentist tried telling me it will 10 days to get use to it
I had countless appointments after it complaining of pain and the crown being too big

I was ignored and told to allow 10 days
I waited and suffered pain for these days
And finally got my self booked in to have it removed

Now I'm going to have to pay for Endo treatment thanks to this practice
If you care about your teeth avoid this place
I feel I was butchered

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