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Calderdale Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Tier 3 - South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Rated by Anonymous
27th November 2019

Child psychiatrists abysmal service.

My child has been under CAMHS for 3 years due to complex mental health issues based upon being ASD and having gender dysphoria. Psychaitrist have zero understanding of how my child feels and treat his dysphoria as a ' choice'. Clear lack of training and knowledge. They are dismissive of his feelings, have little understanding of the severity of his depression and anxiety and constantly belittle his views and brush over his emotions. They are resistant to prescribing effective dosage of antidepressants regardless of my research showing increased dosages are acceptable under NHS protocol and clearly prescribe the lowest dose possible to 'fob us off' . My child struggles to leave the house and hasnt attended school for 3 years. 'Talk therapy' has proved to be relatively ineffective and isnt recommended for gender dysphoria anyway. I feel our views are dismissed and a minimal service is provided to tick a box.

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