Broad Street Plaza


014222 61300

51 Northgate
West Yorkshire


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October 9, 2023
The reception is hardly ever staffed and when it is the staff are rude and ignorant as if patients are disturbing them .

Access confusing

August 2, 2022
I had to go here for a sexual health check. The website is confusing, you have to click on loads of pages to find out where to go, when and how to contact them. There's loads of images to click but if you don't know what you need how do you know where to click?
Finally found a phone number but I was on hold ages and they told me I had to call earlier. Waiting on hold used up loads of my credit as I have a pay as you go phone.
I just turned up after college and that was easier. but I had to wait over an hour.
The website and booking appointment is difficult to use. I am 17 and I wouldn't want to look at the information on the website again.

Chiropody at Broad Street Plaza

June 27, 2022
It was a lot easier to get chiropody at Broad Street Plaza, and the staff were very helpful.
You can't get appointments there any more because of Covid, and it's difficult to get through on the phone.
We now have a private chiropodist who comes to our home, but we would prefer to go back to Broad Street.
Michael Mitchell