Creative resources for adults

We want to know what the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak has been on your mental and physical health.  Please share your experiences with us.

We know that a survey does not suit everyone, we want to see your creative sides. Share with us your story and experiences in whatever way you like. Suggestions include: 

  • Video / voice message 
  • Painting 
  • Poem 
  • Letter to; GP /care home /local authority/hospital/dentist/pharmacy 
  • Music  
  • Song 
  • Picture / photo collage 
  • Story  

There are also some resources below.

You can remain anonymous if you prefer.  Sharing your story can help to shape the future of how NHS and social care services will be delivered in the future.

You can email your creations to or tag us in our social media accounts.


Twitter: @HWCalderdale

Acrostic Poem