Covid-19 Story

Healthwatch Calderdale would like to collect some real life stories to show any of the following: 

  • How the coronavirus outbreak has affected your experiences of health services such as NHS 111, emergency ambulances, GPs, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies/chemists, opticians, mental health services, district nurses etc. 
  • How the coronavirus outbreak has affected your experiences of care services such as home, day and respite care, re-ablement (services to aid recovery after hospital discharge), financial needs assessments, safeguarding services etc. 
  • What the impact of the coronavirus outbreak has been on your physical health and/or mental health 
  • If you have undertaken new activities during the coronavirus outbreak that have been useful for your physical and/or mental health and what these were.  
  • What health and social care information you have needed during the Covid-19 outbreak and whether or not you have been able to get this and whether you understood the messages  
  • If you have had Covid 19, what your experience of NHS care and/or social care was? 
  • Your experience of being a family member, friend or representative of a person in a care home during the Covid-19 outbreak  

You can tell your story in a way that suits you.  For example, you could: 

  • Take photos or create images/pictures/drawings 
  • Write a blog 
  • Write a poem or song 
  • Create a video  

We have provided a few templates that you can use, if you feel these would be helpful.